2020 Summer Virtual Classroom:

August 17-September 3

The course we offered for this summer is called "Introduction to the Art of Philosophical Debate". The course name speaks for itself: it is philosophical while encourages active participation from the students.

This course was designed using experiences from our previous Classics Curriculum Design Program, and specifically, philosophy. We hope by holding a three-week program on the fundamentals of philosophy and argumentation skills, the participants will benefit from our intense training on critical reasoning ability and oral presentation.  

Our course syllabus is posted below, you're welcomed to download it.

We originally planned six in-person sessions in China and the U.S., due to the pandemic and concerns for safety, we've decided virtual sessions as our alternative method of teaching. 

Developing your argumentative skills

  1. Three presentation projects based on an inquiry into philosophical ideas, debate resolutions, and a section for cross-examination. 

  2. Class conducted in the seminar-style. 

Session Details: Zoom Classroom 

IAPD Session I: 

What is Philosophy? 

IAPD Session II:

Philosophy's History

IAPD Session III: 
Logic, Metaphysics, Ethics, and Epistemology 

IAPD Session IV: 

Appearance and Reality--Cartesian Methods of Enquiry

IAPD Session V: 

Individual Happiness and Social Responsibility 

IAPD Session VI: 

The Philosophical Foundation of Political Institutions

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