IAPD Session II: Philosophy's History

One way to study philosophy is to take a problem and see how it was handled by past philosophers and how it is treated by contemporary ones. This could be called the problem approach to philosophy. Another way to study philosophy is to see how each era defined the important issues and responded to them. This is called the historical approach. In this class, we will devote most of our time on the latter method, which is the historical approach to philosophy. Accordingly, the readings will briefly recount different time periods in western society and the most representative philosophical schools of those periods.

We will begin our session with a short presentation of your assigned project, that is, to glance through the historiography of philosophy at this website <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QkP4g9e86qA>. Then you will pick your favorite period and read it through. During our synchronous discussion, you will prepare a brief presentation on a particular period you have read and researched.

After your presentations, I will introduce some of the most essential questions asked by these philosophers from each period, starting with the Pre-Socratics, till John Stuart Mill and Nietzsche.  

Our recorded session is posted, anyone who missed today's session can watch it below. 

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