IAPD Session III: Philosophical Enquiry and Debate

Different branches of philosophy investigate different sets of problems. In this class, you will examine the definitions of these distinct branches and evaluate several topics you might find interesting:

Topic 1: States ought to eliminate their nuclear arsenals.
Topic 2: Colleges and universities ought not to consider standardized tests in undergraduate admissions decisions.
Topic 3: Just governments ought to ensure food security for their citizens.
Topic 4: We should guarantee universal health care for our citizens.

Choose one of the topics above and come up with arguments on both sides: affirmative and negative. Then formulate a comprehensive thesis on the resolution that contains both the pros and cons of the subject matter. Further details will be addressed in class. Next, we will be looking at the philosophical implications that might be brought out by these topics. 

As always, today's session has been recorded, and it is accessible below. 

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