Illustrative Videos on Humanities



Learning the major thoughts of great thinkers in history and comprehending their reasonings.

Preceding from the previous section on the Humanities curriculum, this section presents you with an opportunity to watch illustrative videos on various fields related to Classics, including philosophy, political science, history, and aesthetics. In these videos, the subject matter might vary greatly: from Plato's Republic to John Rawl's theory on government responsibilities, from the sculpture of August Caesar to the paintings of the Baroque period. However, the purpose of these videos is to provide you with a panorama on the numerous fields related to Humanities so that you will gain a broader scope of understanding on these subjects. 

We divided these videos into different topics, including a section on the current coronavirus pandemic. If you wish to learn about philosophy today, just click on the topic "philosophy" and you can watch the videos inside. You can choose whatever topic you wanted to watch from the list of topics below. The choice is yours!

The List of Topics with Videos on Humanities 





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