Crowns versus Joint-Stock Companies

Spanish’s pattern of colonization is actually quite different from the rest of other countries in Europe, especially Britain. From the beginning of the colonization, Columbus lead his men sailed all the way across the Atlantic Ocean, which was sponsored by the king of Spain. Ironically, his goal of this trip is East India and Ancient China instead of America Continent, and he didn’t expect his name would be written in history books as an explorer who found the New World. After his first trip, unfortunately, he brought soldiers and guns back at his second trip towards the islands on Caribbean Sea, and this brings slavery and death. For instance, the well-known Encomienda System is essentially a fancy form of slavery. Therefore, the cruel behaviors of Spanish colonies really evoke the rage of Natives, many combats occurred between Spanish and Natives. Moreover, Spanish colonies didn’t realize the importance of developing permanent agriculture system on their lands, their profits mainly came from gold. Without strong foundations to build a colony empire, such as stead food supplies and labors, Spain quickly faded away from America Continent.

However, British colonies, in the other side, actually did a great job compared to Spain. At 17th century continues, England actually faced many problems, such as lack of job opportunities and hard life., which leads a signed-up group of British people to come to the New World sponsored by a pirate company called the Virginia Company of London. After their first arrival at Virginia, they quickly build up the first permanent settlement—Jamestown in North America. Although British encountered some problems towards the Natives. For example, the local chief at that time killed hundreds of British explorers because they stepped out of the lines looking for more lands to grow Tobaccos, which is the main economic incomes of English.

Despite those conflicts, British remain a relatively peaceful relationship with the Natives as compared to Spain. Another factor caused that phenomena was that British uses its own citizens or Blacks as labors instead of capturing local residents, and British developed a circular crops-growing system in order to supply themselves sufficiently. Consequently, by all those efforts British had put in its colonies—after going through the sacrifices, diseases and the starvations in the first few winters, etc. British became the most successful explorer of North America.

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